Become a wildlife expert

There’s a whole world above you. We’re here to help you see it. Every guest receives a bird ID card and we track down and identify indigenous and invasive bird species. Tally how many you spot! You’ll be using the skills you gain identifying wildlife for the rest of your vacation, and even back home.

View indigenous species

As the most remote population center on Earth, Hawaii is home to a large variety of indigenous species, many of whom can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. We’ll teach you all about their past, present, and future as they’re faced with unprecedented challenges.

See Surf, Learn surf

As surfers ourselves, we understand the passion and importance of this Hawaiian sport. Learn all about the origins of surfing and the challenges overcome by Hawaiians to reclaim their waves, culture, and history. We walk along Kalehuawehe (the area encompassing an ancient Hawaiian surf break) and pay our respects to those who brought this sport to the world.

Learn from an expert

Our guides have professional training in Hawaiian history. And not just the stuff they show you in movies and TV. The real stuff. The displacement, the consumerism, the loss of life and the illegal occupation of the Kingdom. These are all a part of the land we walk on, and these stories deserve to be told. We won’t insult your intelligence by candy-coating historical facts. If you want to know, we will tell you. Want to get more details? Ask. We’ll keep going. If we don’t know, we will look it up later and contact you. Knowledge and history are power, and we want to share this experience with you.

See history come to life

Waikiki is a sacred place with a tumultuous history. Learn about all the major personalities and figures as we circle the region. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the ground you walk on, as we give a straight-forward discussion about the real history behind this tourist area.

Explore the landscape

Have you ever taken a stroll around a volcano? Check this adventure off your bucket-list as we take you to the base of Lēʻahi (Diamond Head), the world-famous symbol of Waikiki.


Learning is active, so what better way to learn than by moving around? Enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise for both the mind and the body. All tours can be customized for differently abled bodies. Just email us for more information. All tours are also wheelchair accessible.

have fun!

While we are here to impart knowledge, we are also here to make sure you HAVE FUN! Because why else would you spend time and money to go on vacation? We are stoked you chose us to spend two hours of your day with. We know what goes into taking a vacation. We’re going to make sure you laugh, enjoy yourself, and go home with new and amazing memories.